In 2014, John Ive, the British-American Designer in his interview with Graydon Carter to Vanity Fair said that “Idea is a thought that becomes a conversation and to Start on any Idea we need to talk”. John Ive served as a CDO at Apple Inc. and worked very closely with Steve Jobs for many years. He shared his thoughts about what Steve Jobs taught him about ‘Focusing’ and saying ‘NO’.

“Focus is not something you aspire to.. or something that you want to do on Monday. It’s something you do every minute. You can achieve so much when you really focus”, John expressed.

What Focus means is saying ‘NO’ when you believe with every bone in your body about what you think. …

Never compromise on design (mistakes) otherwise it will come back to haunt you later on.

Don’t jump on providing quick-fix solutions but think about the intricacy of the problem, segregate it, measure its consequences, plan the workflow, take the stakeholders into consent and then take the right decisions. Don’t be scared of making mistakes but do learn from them for future undertakings. Once a mistake but twice a crime.

It’s difficult to make decisions when you are not one of the stakeholders and unfortunately you will have to live by those prejudiced decisions taken by your senior and you can’t…

Every great design begins with an even better story.

The first thing I stumbled upon when I Googled about Design and Content :

“Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not Design. It’s decoration.” — Jeffrey Zeldman

Content is of utmost importance to provide a better experience for the users who are consuming it online or offline. Users love to consume good content that adds value to their lives. Good content is like a good recipe dish that people will stand in the queue and wait for their turns to enter the restaurant to consume it.

Content for brand

In today’s fast-paced world it’s very difficult to grab eyeballs…

Set yourself free, find your happiness within. Happiness is to GIVE than to GET. Photo credit: Pixabay

We all look forward to happiness, crave for it, pray for it to come sooner than later. Do we get that? Nah not really, but we keep trying, always keep trying and never stop.

The one who gets happiness is content with life and satisfied but there’s always a struggle for the one who doesn’t. Some find it in materialistic things, some find in setting themselves free, some dream it in some form or the other and some find it in others’ happiness.

What is happiness? Can it change someone’s life, his purpose of living or give him the meaning…

Foosball table at Mosaic Digital office.

How Foosball, a 2x4 (ft) wide approx wooden table with eight aluminum handles and two goal posts is bridging the gap between different teams in my office.

A few months back Social Circle was introduced in our office aiming to include employees from different teams and engaging them in activities for better work culture environment. Activities like Cricket tournament, Planting trees, Philanthropy, Birthday Celebrations, Monthly recognitions, Office entertainment, and leisure were included in Social Circle. Foosball stood tall amongst all these activities in bringing together various individuals from different teams leaving behind any gender or rank worries.

Girls and boys…

The user only focuses on the content, visuals, and anything that distract him from the main objective, he hardly pays heed to it. When I say border I mean an overall borderline covering the entire newsletter/emailer i.e (top, bottom, left, right), as rules (top/bottom borders) still holds its importance for better content hierarchies.

Susan Weinschenk, the author of “100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People” says that People scan screens based on past experiences and expectations. If they read in a language that moves from left to right, then they tend to look at the screen from left…

No one denies the fact that we should not go too much off trend and should be flexible enough to embrace the latest trend in technology & design.

What do we do, when we find something interesting Design over the internet? We immediately click on it read/share/like it and then move on to next interesting topic/design. We keep exploring it until we get to see yet another interesting content/design. It is an intuitive way of thinking that is making us take quick decisions. It is an unconscious process for rapid action, judgment, and decisions. The human brain is lazy, which…

Intelligence and Creativity are mental abilities where Intelligence is an ability of an individual and creativity requires different thinking. A normal healthy brain is a pre-requisite to intelligence, however talented people with bipolar disorder may also show periodic bursts of creativity. Studies have shown that highly creative people are highly intelligent but highly intelligent people are not always creative.

Sometimes high intellect can be an obstacle for some creative abilities. In a room full of adults if you ask the present audience to raise hands if they feel creative? There will be only few who will raise hands. The reason…

Photo by Tom Grimbert on Unsplash.

‘O Jogo Bonito’ (Portuguese) phrase, meaning ‘The Beautiful Game’ is actually popularised by the Brazilian professional footballer Pelé. In 1977, he named his autobiography ‘My life and the beautiful game’ and since then the phrase has entered the language as a description for football. However, the exact origin of the phrase is disputed.

Football is the most beautiful game ever played. Evidently, Google will give millions of results if you search why is it beautiful. I am a UX designer and know the importance of a good Team to get the best product out on the market. …

Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Peter Dinklage and the screenshot of old Reddit website.

When you search Google for what famous people have said something on Design, you may find that the world have different views. For some — it is to express creativity, for some — it is where art and science break even, for some — it is the starting point of a conversation or for some —Design is to solving problems and so on. The design has invariably many definitions but all draw somewhat similar lines and shapes. Some of us who are in design can easily understand and relate.

I love what Steven jobs said: “Design is a really, loaded…


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